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Where You Belong Since 1966

For 50 years Green Acres has been providing outdoor country day camp experiences for children ages 2 1/2 to 15 years old.

Share your Best Memories from Camp

Share your Best Memories from Camp

Green Acres Gives Back 2.0!   Share yours or your child’s favorite Green Acres moments!   Was it a particular camp dance, getting a great part in the play, climbing to the top of the rock wall, a first overnight success, a hilarious moment in the cabin or making a ...

Favourite memories from camp

By ColeMemories0 comments
Since I have been at camp since I was 4 years old, which would be 12 years this summer coming up, as you can tell I have so many memories from over the years. One of my memories are meeting some of my ...AnswerCole, As you have said camp is all about memories!  It is amazing how many of our campers and staff have told us that they have met their best friends at Green Acres.  We all wish we could be ...

Day Camp Toronto

Director Darren here. I had a great phone call this afternoon from a Green Acres Alumni who was a camper at Green Acres back in the mid 90's. She is feeling very nostalgic about sending her son to camp this year. We love hearing about the memories our alumni have about camp. In particular, ...

Best Day Camp Leaside

By NicoleMemories1 comments
Hi Camp Green Acres!   Thank you so much for such a wonderful 2018 season!! Both of our kids had a blast at Camp Green Acres. Living in the Leaside area of Toronto (Laird/Eglinton) we would never had thought about the ability to send our kids to a camp like Green Acres which ...
Best Day Camp Toronto

Best Day Camp Toronto

Camp Director Eddy here and I wanted to share with you a great email that I just received from one of our camp alumni reminding me, and the head staff at Green Acres, why we love our job so much:   “Hi Eddy, just the other day I was reminiscing with my parents about my ...