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For 50 years Green Acres has been providing outdoor country day camp experiences for children ages 2 1/2 to 15 years old.

Best Day Camp Toronto

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Best Day Camp Toronto

Camp Director Eddy here and I wanted to share with you a great email that I just received from one of our camp alumni reminding me, and the head staff at Green Acres, why we love our job so much:


“Hi Eddy, just the other day I was reminiscing with my parents about my childhood, and I started thinking back to how much fun I had a Green Acres both as a camper and staff. Stepping off that bus to begin a new day at camp was always such a period of joy and excitement. The memories I have at camp are still so clear in my mind. I can still hear and see the memories vividly in my mind. Now, as a father of young kids, I can’t wait until they are of age to send them to Camp Green Acres so I can live vicariously through them as they experience the joys of Camp Green Acres.”