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Best Day Camp Vaughan

Best Day Camp Vaughan
All of our friends and family in the Vaughan area highly recommend Camp Green Acres.  Even my sister, who's kids went to Green Acres tells me your are the best day camp for Vaughan. The one thing I am struggling with is that our son absolutely loves baseball and so the debate my wife and I are having is, should we send him to a baseball specialty camp or to a camp like yours which offers a vast array of activities? So our question to you is, do campers at Green Acres have the option to spend more time doing an activity/sport they love the most or are they scheduled into an even rotation to participate in all of your activities?


By Camp Green Acres
We love that you brought up this question as many parents ask us this exact same thing. Its great to hear that your son has developed a passion for baseball and we look forward to giving him, and you, a tour of our baseball diamonds.
To answer your question, at Camp Green acres there are a few options to choose from based on what your child wants to do. In our Sports Camp for campers completing Grade 2 or higher every camper gets to choose their sport activities.  Therefore, your son can play Baseball all day if he really wants or he could choose to do Baseball in the morning and two other sports in the afternoon.  
Many of our other programs do offer choice but not strictly Baseball.  In our Specialty Camps, campers can choose between 3 activities each week to specialize in for that week.  In our Grads & Alumni Unit (for campers completing Grades 5-7), campers will get some choice of activities throughout the summer.  
In all other programs at camp, campers will follow a schedule of activities that has been carefully planned out allowing campers to explore and enjoy all of the activities for their age at camp. 
Please give us a call and we can help walk you through these choices with more details and information.  905-887-1400