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Best Horseback Riding Camp GTA

Best Horseback Riding Camp GTA
Hi Camp Green Acres,
My daughter really wants to try horseback riding but I don't want to sign her up to a horseback riding camp where that will be the only activity she experiences. I noticed you have a riding camp. Can my daughter go to your horseback riding camp but also have access to the other camp activities which Green Acres offers?
Samantha K.


By Camp Green Acres
Hi Samantha,
Thanks for your great question. We love to hear about your daughter's interest in horseback riding and we totally hear you in that you don't want her to be limited to only horseback riding. That is exactly why we created our Half Day Saddle Champs program. In this program campers will spend half the day at riding camp and the other half of the day in our traditional camp where she will get to enjoy all of the Camp Green Acres activities from swimming to drama and from sports to camp-wide special activities. Please give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you have as well as book a tour for you and your family. 905-887-1400