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For 50 years Green Acres has been providing outdoor country day camp experiences for children ages 2 1/2 to 15 years old.

Best Outdoor Summer Day Camps Toronto

Best Outdoor Summer Day Camps Toronto
Growing up in a wonderful city like Toronto is great however I really want my kids to be able to explore and enjoy the great outdoors too. Both of them are very interested in a day camp that is not too far from home so that they can still enjoy their summer in the city with their friends on the weekends but, also get the outdoor experience that a sleep away camp would offer (without it being an actual sleep away camp).
From your website, it looks as though you have a great outdoor facility, are they any upcoming open houses or tours we can book?


By Camp Green Acres
Thanks for your question.
Our founder created Camp Green Acres to be just as you mentioned in your question, a getaway for kids from the city to experience the great outdoors without being too far away. As soon as you walk through the front gates of Camp Green Acres, you will see into our beautiful 110-acre property filled with unbelievable facilities designed for kids to enjoy the great outdoors and so much more. 
Not only will your kids be able to participate in activities that they are passionate about but they will also be able to discover new activities that they have probably never experienced before. From Swimming lessons, to ropes courses, from nature and science activities to archery, pottery, theatre, computers and so much more!
Our next open visitis on April 22, 2019 between 11am and 1pm. I hope you can make it. If that day/time does not work for you please call our office to book a tour. 908-887-1400
Hope to see you soon!