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Day Camp Leaside

Hi Camp Green Acres,
We have been looking for a day camp in Leaside and are thinking about sending our twin 10 year old girls to your camp next year. Do you have buses that service the Leaside areas? where are the pick-up and drop off locations? How many staff are on each bus?


By Camp Green Acres
Hi Samantha K.
We are so delighted to hear that you are considering sending your girls to Camp Green Acres next summer. 
YES!! We absolutely do have buses which bring many campers from the Leaside area to Camp Green Acres. When it comes to busing you have two options
1) Door-to-Door service where we pick up and drop off your child right at your home
2) Point-to-Point bus service where we have numerous bus stops that are centrally located to your neighbourhood including Maurice Cody Jr. PS.. More information on these options can be found on our website  here:  http://campgreenacres.com/transportation/

To answer your second question about how many staff on each bus; Every bus is staffed with at least 1 Green Acres bus captain who is there to ensure that all campers are safe and having an enjoyable ride.  Many of our buses have additional staff to help the bus captain out on the bus.

If you have any other questions please visit our website or give us a call 905-887-1400