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Day Camp Toronto

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Director Darren here.
I had a great phone call this afternoon from a Green Acres Alumni who was a camper at Green Acres back in the mid 90's. She is feeling very nostalgic about sending her son to camp this year. We love hearing about the memories our alumni have about camp. In particular, this former camper of ours was telling me how she always loved rainy days the best. She said the Green Acres staff always went above and beyond in creating amazing rainy day activities which are her most fond memories of camp. One of those memories which came to her mind was that one year she had had a counselor that loved playing guitar. She recounted that one rainy day their cabin decided to write their own song which they eventually got to perform for the entire unit. To this day she still vividly remembers the song and often finds herself singing it to herself. 
Camp is all about the memories and we look forward to creating lasting memories for your kids.