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For 50 years Green Acres has been providing outdoor country day camp experiences for children ages 2 1/2 to 15 years old.

Favourite memories from camp

By Cole
Since I have been at camp since I was 4 years old, which would be 12 years this summer coming up, as you can tell I have so many memories from over the years. One of my memories are meeting some of my best friends today and also remembering people that I have not seen since I was 7, still remembering there faces. Camp is my most favourite time of the year, wish I could be there all year around. When I heard that my school was going to green acres, I wanted to go as badly as I could, I was not able to because it was grade 9s not 10s 😢. I know that I would love to go to green acres as long as I can and meet more people that can become long lasting in my life. 


By Camp Green Acres
As you have said camp is all about memories!  It is amazing how many of our campers and staff have told us that they have met their best friends at Green Acres.  We all wish we could be in camp for 10 months of the year and school for 2 months!  Wouldn't that be ideal!  We can't wait to create more memories in Summer 2019!