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GTA Day Camps with Swimming Lessons

By Anna
GTA Day Camps with Swimming Lessons
Hi Green Acres,
We have finally made the decision that our kids are old enough to go to a day camp. I saw on your site that part of your daily activities at camp includes swimming lessons. Over the winter months we do have our kids in swimming lessons at our local community centre in the Armour heights area.  Our question is, given that our kids have already started swimming lessons and are progressing nicely,  will you be able to put them in a swimming class that will be at their current level so that they can go after their next badge/level?
Thanks, Anna. 


By Camp Green Acres
Hi Anna,
That's a great question and we are so glad you asked.
Prior to the start of summer, we will ask you to fill out a form indicating your child’s last swimming level. Based on this information, on the first day of camp, we will ensure that your children are placed in the proper swim class to continue working on their next level. We have incredible swimming staff who are all certified instructors.
P.S. Don't forget as part of our swimming program we also have towel service so you never have to worry about packing a towel :) 
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