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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding
My daughter is 8 and she loves horses. Where do the kids ride? I'm not keen about her being bussed to a stable, which most camps seem to do. Are your stables onsite? 


By Camp Green Acres
If your daughter loves horses she will love our Horseback Riding Camp programs!  Our stables are on-site!  No bus ride to get to the riding stable.  We actually operate our stables all year round.  We have two camp options for your daughter at camp that we know she will love:
1)  Cedar Creek Riding Camp - this is a full day horseback riding camp program where she will receive an English Riding lesson in the morning and a second in the afternoon.  She will also get to do some Stable Management, Camp Activities and a Recreational Swim daily.
2)  Traditional Camp with Saddle Champs - this is an optional activity in our Traditional Camp.  Your daughter would still get to enjoy the many great activities offered in Traditional Camp, but she would also get to spend half a day learning how to ride a horse and how to take care of her horse.  
For more information on either of these programs check out the following link:  http://campgreenacres.com/about-us/#our_programs
We are excited for your daughter to come to camp this summer and learn more about horses and riding!