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How many children will be at camp?

How many children will be at camp?
My 5 year old is coming to Camp Green Acres for the first time this summer! I was just wondering how many other children there will be at camp? How many of these children are his age? What is the child to staff ratio at all times?


By Camp Green Acres
We are so excited to meet your 5 year old this summer!  Your daughter will be in a cabin group with other 5 year olds.  There will be between 10-12 girls in the cabin.  We will have 4-5 cabins of 5 year old girls at camp this summer.  Your daughter will have 3 counsellors working with her cabin, but when she goes to the various activities she will have 1-2 more staff working with her cabin.  Throughout camp we have a 3:1 ratio!  Your daughter is going to have the summer of her life!