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Summer Camps Vaughan

Summer Camps Vaughan
Hi There,
We live in Vaughan and I am looking for a summer camp for my kids aged 9 and 12. They both have lots of different interests, my 9 year old is more into sports and my 12 year old is more artsy.
Thanks, Jessica


By Camp Green Acres
Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much for your great question. Camp Green Acres was founded back in 1966 and ever since then we have continued to add more and more activities and facilities to our camp. We have some many activities and experiences at camp which allow every camper to participate in and discover their passions.
You name it and we have got it: outdoor heated pools and a outdoor heated water slide park, soccer fields, basketbaball courts, theatre, mini golf course, tennis courts, climbing walls, a working farm filled with animals, pottery, arts & crafts, horseback riding and so much more.
Please give us a call to arrange a tour and learn more about all the amazing programs that we offer. 905-887-1400