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Summer Day Camp Thornhill

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Summer Day Camp Thornhill
Hi Camp Green Acres,
My husband and I live in Thornhill and have started looking into day camps for our 7 year old to attend next summer. We came across your Ask Dynamo blog page so I was hoping you can help answer a question that we both had. If we know other friends of our son's, who will be attending Camp Green Acres, are you able to ensure that they will be in the same bunk or group?


By Camp Green Acres
Thank you so much for submitting this great question. At Camp Green Acres we always do our best to honour the requests of parents to place their kids in bunks with their existing friends. However its does depend on numbers and filling each bunk. What I suggest you do is make sure you and the parents of your child's friends both request for the campers to be in the same cabin. That way our registration team will see the request coming from both kids and we will do our very best to ensure that this happens.
Our goal at Camp Green Acres is to also ensure that your kids make new friends as well.
Thanks and please let us know if you have any more questions.