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Swim Staff

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Swim Staff
Are you still hiring for the summer? I have my NLS, is there anything else I need to get a swim job at your camp. I am 17 years old. 


By Camp Green Acres
We are still hiring staff to work this summer.  We have a few jobs still available on swim staff.  It is great you have your NLS and you can definitely work at camp lifeguarding at swim.  Are you planning on taking your Lifesaving Swim Instructor Course?  If yes, that is even better (and you will get paid more!).  Our swim staff teach and lifeguard so if you get your Lifesaving Swim Instructor Certification that would be great!  We are even offering a Lifesaving Swim Instructor course in June for any staff that want to be on swim.
We would love for you to apply to work at camp.  Just go to www.campgreenacres.com/staff.  We look forward to meeting you.