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Toronto Day Camp that has Horses

Toronto Day Camp that has Horses
Does Camp Green Acres offer horseback riding lessons or are the horses just part of your farm. My daughter has always loved horses from a very young age and she would love nothing more than to go to a horseback riding camp this summer however a lot of her friends go to Camp Green Acres so she is torn between horses and friends lol.
Thanks in advance for your reply. 


By Camp Green Acres
We love this question!! Thank you so much for submitting it. We can certainly understand how difficult it must be to choose between your daughter's love of her friends and her love of horses but we have great news, she can do both! 
Our Cedar Creek Riding camp is on-site at Camp Green Acres. So if for instance she is coming to camp for 4 weeks she can take part in our Cedar Creek Riding Camp for 2 weeks and then traditional camp for two weeks. Another option is she can also choose to do our Half-day Traditional Camp program and Half-Date Saddle Champs Riding program so she can be with her friends for half a day and the horses for the other half of the day.
Please give our office a call for more details. Here is the link to more info about our Cedar Creek Horseback riding camp at Camp Green Acres: http://campgreenacres.com/our-programs/cedar-creek-horseback-riding-camp/