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What does Camp Green Acres do on these very hot days?

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What does Camp Green Acres do on these very hot days?
I have a child at camp this summer and it is VERY hot outside. What does your camp do when it is extremely hot outside? 


By Camp Green Acres
What a great question!  Camp is amazing on really hot days, because we have extra sprinklers on around camp, we have more opportunities for campers to have a "fun" recreational swim and we even have a portable water sprinkler tanker that we drive around camp to spray campers. 
Our staff encourage our campers to drink lots and everyone is wearing hats and having a great time with all that extra water.  
On top of all the extra cautions we take, our site is filled with lots of shady and breezy areas so there is never lack of a space to go that is filled with shade or inside under cover.
Really hot days are definitely my favourite day at camp!